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Acrylic on canvas. This 54cm x 54cm painting created by Larisa Fayy points us in the direction of our unconscious mind.


Look closely, it's as if the viewer is lodged deep within the unconscious mind, looking up as someone's face begins to peer into the murky waters. You, an important piece waiting to be found. 


Perhaps this painting represents the begining of someone trying to make sense of their unconscious programs. 


Perhaps you are being invited to remember what it feels like to drown in your unconscious behavious. 


Does the viewer represent the unconscious part of the psyche? Or is it the other way around? 


If this painting is submerging the viewer within the unconscious mind, is it done with intent to remind us of how important it is to continue to reach for ourselves? 


Regardless, this painting symbolises the journey we humans all travel on. It reminds us we are all trying to 'swim' just the same. 


Carl Jung taught us that human beings are largly unconcious creatures, where much of our psyche is just out of our reach. This means much of our behaviour can be driven by unconcious programs. When we are able to gently understand the unconcious pieces of our psyche we can become more aware of the way we responsed to our internal and external worlds. We can wake up to ourselves just a little bit more. 


'Hidden Waters' has been framed by the amazing Creative Framing Gallery Ballarat. 

'Hidden Waters'

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